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Nurturing the
Whole Child

102 Russell Street
Worcester, MA 01609
Tel: 508-752-5354
Parking lot and entrance accessible from Elm St. (behind the Cathedral)

St Spyridon Preschool Pre-k Pre Kindergarten - Worcester MASt. Spyridon Preschool Testimonials

It is with a heavy heart that I write you this note of appreciation for my children's time at Saint Spyridon Preschool.  Having been involved with the school over the course of the last four years has been a very rewarding experience for both of my children as they developed their gross and fine motor, language, cognitive and social/emotional skills.  And while these are  measureable benchmarks of any preschool, the teachers at Saint Spyridon work with the children in a way that is so nurturing and loving, followed with an appropriate amount of discipline.  My children have both grown to be independent, confident individuals who are well prepared for elementary school.  I know they will look back on their time at Saint Spyridon fondly. 

I remember the warm reception we received when we came to see the school for the very first time and how the teachers cried at my daughter's graduation ceremony.  While I expected there to be some tearful moments with her moving on, what I did not expect was that this school would become a part of our family.  Now that my son has just graduated as well and our family's preschool days have come to an end, I am sad that this time is over and know that I will miss each and every one of the teachers who have left an indelible mark on my children's hearts. 

Please extend my thanks to the entire staff.  I will miss seeing you all and will be sure to drop in with the kids from time to time.


St Spyridon Preschool Worcester MA“Miss Lori and the staff at St. Spyridon Preschool provide a nurturing, creative and fun environment that helped our children develop the skills and confidence that made them more than ready for kindergarten.”


St. Spyridon Preschool offers a top-notch educational program that adheres to high standards and teaches to the whole child. My son was exposed to a variety of learning opportunities and given choices to explore his interests and satisfy his curiosity. I appreciated that learning was through play and discovery, grounded in real-world experiences across all curriculum areas. Communication with Ms. Lori and the staff is excellent. We were provided with weekly curriculum information, which helped us in communicating about the school day with our son. The teachers are nurturing and caring and clearly put extraordinary effort into creating all the learning opportunities. Having recently completed the school year, my son is a confident 5-year-old who is socially, emotionally, and intellectually prepared for kindergarten. As a former teacher and parent of a St. Sprydon Preschool graduate, I highly recommend the program. My husband and I couldn't be more satisfied with the results. 


My son has enjoyed his time at St. Spyridon Preschool. The staff are genuinely invested in his growth and development. The caring and nurturing teachers at St. Spyridon have been significantly impactful to his learning. He enjoys learning and I credit that to the engaging staff and their well-planned curriculum. I feel confident that he will be well equipped and prepared for his first year of Kindergarten.


Our son will be starting his third year with Saint Spyridon Preschool this year.  We all love the school and the teachers.  We watched our son grow and learn socially and academically.  Ms. Kristin is very kind and sweet and Ms. Lori makes sure every child is kindergarten ready both providing a  safe, nurturing, well structured environment. Our son never wants to leave and counts down the days until he is back in school.